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La Ohana
Community Work Days

Next Date: APRIL 20, 2019!

Lā Ohana Community Work Days2019-02-11T11:52:54+00:00
7:00 Set-Up and Parking: Volunteers Needed!
7:30 Registration Opens:   Morning Snack Available on Picnic Table

8:15 Morning Circle: Introductions and Oli,  Instructions/Assigning of work groups/Pond leaders,  Work tools distributed, Go out to the work sites! Remove limu from pond, pull mangrove keiki, cut mature mangrove, pass mangrove to chipper, and other restorative work.

11:30 Return from work sites and clean up: First, rinse off mud from body, tools, and gloves in the Ocean so we don’t waste fresh water at the hoses. Then do a final rinse of tools and gloves with fresh water, with pails provided. Hang gloves out on the line and place tools on picnic tables. If you have borrowed shoes, wash and hang on pegs to dry.

11:45 Pizza lunch! If you need a work certificate, they’ll be at the registration table at noon!

12:15 Assist with clean-up:  Storing equipment and leaving everything tidy.  Mahalo!

  • Reusable water bottle.  Please, no single use plastic water bottles. We provide ice water for you to refill your bottle!
  • Clothing and shoes (sneakers or tabis) you won’t mind getting dirty and wet
  • Gloves
  • Hat and Sun protection/sunscreen


Learn more about Hawai’ian Fishponds through Pacific American Foundation’s Project Kahea Loko.

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The Book is available for download at left, as a .pdf.

ulukauwebsitePlus, more resources and video are on the project website.

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