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STEP 1:  Kipuka Olowalu Waiver must be completed and signed no later than Monday 3/13/2023. Step 2: Trilogy Mobilization and Extraction Waivers for Kaho'olawe 1) 3/20/2023 Monday Mobilization SIGN WAIVER HERE March 20 - Trilogy I is departing fromslip 99 at 700am (right behind the Coast Guard Station, on the other [...]

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Today 3/20/23 was an amazing day!! We had an epic boat ride from Trilogy from Maʻalaea to Honokanaiʻa. Along the way we saw whales, flying fish, and we were introduced to locations around Kahoʻolawe. Upon arrival, it was a wet and wild adventure getting ourselves and all of our ukana from the boat [...]

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WHAT IS NALU STUDIES? A program that redirects the lives of Hawaiʻi’s at-risk youth and atypical learners, transforming them into responsible leaders. Accomplished through: Intensive immersion:  addresses academic and emotional needs in a transformative process. Mentoring: connects students with scientists, community leaders, health care professionals, educators, and indigenous cultural practitioners. Application of [...]

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