Before coming to activities, each participant must perform a daily symptom screening.  Please help us keep everyone safe and healthy. 


In your household:

  1. Has anyone tested positive for COVID-19?
  2. Is anyone on home isolation?
  3. In the past 5 days,  has anyone had any of the following symptoms that are new or worsening, and not attributable to an unrelated pre-existing condition?
          • Fever greater than 100.4 °F or feeling feverish (chills, sweating)
          • Cough
          • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
          • Sore throat
          • Unexplained muscle/body aches
          • Nausea/vomiting or diarrhea
          • Loss of senses of taste or smell
          • Unusually weak or fatigued
          • Runny or congested nose
          • Headache
          • Skin rash
          • Chest pain or pressure

In the past 14 days:

  • Has the Department of Health told you or a member of your family that they have been in contact with a person with COVID-19?
  • Has someone who lives with you or works closely with you been told by the Department of Health to stay home?
  • Has anyone participated in a group gathering of more than 14 people?
  • Has the student/participant traveled out of the state and, as a result, currently under quarantine orders by the Department of Health or your medical care provider?
  • Has the student/participant been in close contact (<6 feet for ≥ 15 minutes) with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, 

 please contact PAF and do not attend face to face activities.


Before coming to Pacific American Foundation (PAF) in-person activities, please help us by following the recommended guidelines:

  • Shower and wash body immediately prior to leaving home to attend PAF in person activities.
  • While in transit to activities, please maintain physical distancing and utilize proper PPE including a face mask.


When you arrive:

  • Please wear your face mask.
  • Stay in your vehicle until we check your temperature.  If you are in the normal temperature range (97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C) you are welcome to participate.  If you have a fever, you will be dismissed and advised to seek health care.

During activities, we take steps to keep students/participants safe, and we ask you to assist us:

  • Learning tools given out to specific individuals may not be shared amongst learners/participants.
  • Learning tools will be cleaned and sanitized by the individual who is handling it, under direction of staff to ensure proper cleaning and storage.
  • All participants shall continue to wear masks and physically distance at least 6 feet when practical. When distancing is not practical and cannot be maintained, after a period of 10 minutes, children will pause work and step away from each other for 3 minutes before returning to the activity.
  • Student work, when complete, can be photographed and emailed to the field lead instructor.

At the end of the day:

Learning tools will be stored, gloves will be removed, and hands will be sanitized. When the participant returns home, it is recommended that they immediately shower, washing hair and body, and that their clothing worn during the day is laundered.