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TB Agreement to Policy and Submit Clearance Doc.

If you haven't already sent in your TB Clearance, do so here. CLEARANCE can be either through: 1) TB Document G from the State of Hawaii Department of Health. This form may be obtained from your health care provider. In most cases, a test is not necessary. Your provider screens you, and if you are not required to do a test, then they sign off, and you upload that form here. If they require a test, then submit those results here. or 2) Proof of a Negative test for TB. Submit Test Results by uploading here. Test must be taken within the 12 months prior to your hire date to meet the requirement. If your TB CLEARANCE is CURRENTLY VALID AND ON FILE, please indicate the location of that file and you do not have to submit it here. You must either supply the location of your TB Clearance, or Upload your file.
I consent to the PAF TB POLICY and provide my CLEARANCE:
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