Today 3/20/23 was an amazing day!! We had an epic boat ride from Trilogy from Maʻalaea to Honokanaiʻa. Along the way we saw whales, flying fish, and we were introduced to locations around Kahoʻolawe. Upon arrival, it was a wet and wild adventure getting ourselves and all of our ukana from the boat to shore. Good thing we packed in waterproof bags. We then headed up to base camp where we had another safety briefing about what to expect and how to act while in this sacred space, and of course not get hurt (that would “really suck” according to Uncle Dean). After putting away all of our ukana and getting ourselves sorted out, we had lunch and headed back to Honokanaiʻa beach to plant 1500 Akiaki grass sprouts. We really hope they survive and are able to stabilize the shoreline and retain water. Then off to Kealaikahiki to learn about the navigational significance of the kinolau of Kanaloa. Mahalo Uncle Dean, Uncle Paul, Eric, and Mars for a great day!!