A program that redirects the lives of Hawaiʻi’s at-risk youth and atypical learners, transforming them into responsible leaders. Accomplished through:

  • Intensive immersion:  addresses academic and emotional needs in a transformative process.

  • Mentoring: connects students with scientists, community leaders, health care professionals, educators, and indigenous cultural practitioners.

  • Application of scientific techniques and culture practices: invites students to solve real-word environmental issues in their communities.

  • Relationships first! Through a well built, trusting relationship anything can be accomplished.

What do we do?

  • The NALU Studies program works to:

    • Connect students to ʻāina and ahupuaʻa.

    • Students heal ʻāina and themselves through synergized approaches in Hawaiian Culture, STEM, and Social Emotional Learning.

    • Students connect to caring professionals as mentors and build their networks.

    • Engage students in Responsible Leadership resulting in academic improvement, positive behaviors, and peer mentoring.

What Types of Students are best served by NALU Studies?

  • Students who:

    • struggle to learn in typical classroom settings

    • respond better with experiential, hands-on learning

    • are “atypical” leaners needing a different approach

    • are failing out of the system

What Program Services and Activities do we offer?

  • Investigations in traditional and modern land management practices,

  • We place and support students in positions of leadership and responsibility,

  • Service Learning in Loʻi, coral reefs, forests,

  • Ways to heal ʻāina while healing themselves, their communities, and local environment,

  • Connection to caring professionals as mentors,

  • Growth opportunities as students move into leadership roles as Mentors and Team Leaders.

What Do Students Gain?

  • A deeper understanding of self and nature

  • Stipends, Internships, service-learning, Career Education & Opportunities

  • Real-World experiences applying scientific and Cultural practices

  • Stepping into the role of Scientist and Community Leader

  • Inspiration and Support to graduate from High School, College, and/or Vocational Schools

  • Network building

How does NALU Studies Support the greater educational community?

  • Our students demonstrate:

    • Heightened Responsibility and Motivation to Learn

    • Appreciation for the importance of education

    • Critical Leadership Qualities and Skills and a desire to help others

    • Experience in service learning projects

    • Increased Focus on High School and College Graduation

How are student recruited?

Students have multiple points of entry –

  • School Councilors

  • Teacher Recommendations

  • Judiciary

  • Peer Recommendation

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