Aloha, e komo mai to the NALU Studies Maui home page

Leadership Training

NALU Studies Maui Student gather for the first time, off to a great start!

Things to know!

Please read this list below and also see the attached map with directions for meeting each morning at 7:45am at room 108 in the Ka Lama building.  
  • Have your UH ID#, Username, and Password written down and in a safe place.  Bring this with you each day.  *Also bring any updated contact (including emergency and cell phone numbers) information and any information on allergies you may have (and necessary treatment if needed) with you.
  • Bring your own lunch (no refrigeration needed, so in a small cooler bag if needed) and drink (refillable water bottle is suggested) each day.
  • Prior to being dropped off each morning (by the time you are in the UH-MC parking lot), please check in using Lumisight UH on your mobile phone (or your parent’s/guardian’s) with your UH email and password using the Lumisight App (you should have all gotten this app downloaded on your mobile phones yesterday at orientation with Kumu Jayten or Kumu Derek).  PLEASE contact Kumu Jayten if not, ASAP (808-232-3418).
  • Review the attached map with directions to get to the UH Maui College campus each morning and to Ka Lama 108 by 7:45am.  (Please call Kumu Waylin if you need help in the morning with getting there.  Her number is 808-542-5877.)
  • Please review the schedule for each day of the program and note a few key dates and times:
– Meet every morning on the UH Maui College campus, Ka Lama building, room 108, by 7:45am
– The normal schedule for drop off and pick-up for the program is 7:40am drop-off (allow 5 min to walk to room 108 in the Ka Lama building) and 5:00pm pick-up in the main parking lot where you are dropped off)
– For the second week and on Thursday 3/24 and Friday 3/25 in particular, please note that those will be longer days, and students will end in the early evening after 5:30pm so we will let you know the pick-up times for those two days.  
– Review the attached tentative schedule for the next two weeks (your kumu will review this each day with you to help you prepare for the following day and beyond)

The Working Schedule

Week 1