Project Description

This program is available at no cost to students, underwritten by generous grant funding.
Lunch is included, sponsored by the Kulia grant and the Castle High School Cafeteria Federal Summer Lunch

Students may earn 1 elective credit, ‘Work-Study Course’ and $330 stipend for work experience for
improving the farm laboratories at Castle HS

Student Responsibilities:
• Complete 120 instruction hours
• Complete 30 paid work hours
• Complete learning assessments to earn credit
• Complete evaluation surveys.
• Involve your ‘ohana in family events
• Ho‘iho‘i: volunteer to give back at community
work days

You will engage in these activities and develops skills in:
• Hawaiian History & Cultural Studies
• Archaeology: GPS mapping, documenting
• Agronomy / Horticulture
• Sustainable farming
• Geology, rock structures and types
• Botany/ Ethno-Botany, and Plant Ecology
• Student Symposium, Presentations
• Design & build aquaculture and aquaponic
laboratories, lo’i terraces
• Water quality testing and characteristics
• Water engineering streams, springs