The Teacher and Superintendent

Title: The Teacher and Superintendent:  Sheila Cyboron and Lea Albert with Herb Lee
Date of Interview: November 12, 2021
Location: Zoom conference recording
Format: Video  .mov
Duration: 0:51:01
Description: Sheila Cyboron’s Connection to the Pond; Lea Albert’s Support of the Pond’s Outdoor Classroom and the Castle Redesign Process; the Pond as a Place for Hands-on Learning; The Fish Pond was a Perfect Laboratory; Listen to Hawaiian Ways for Preserving the Environment, Culture, and Fishponds; Kamehameha Schools’ Kahua Training for New Teachers; Nā Hopena Aʻo; Integration of Cultural Knowledge with Science; Empowering Our Kids to Be Global Navigators.
Interviewee(s): Sheila Cyboron and Lea Albert with Herb Lee, Jr.
Interviewer: Herb Lee, Jr.
Transcriber: Kauilaokahekiliokalani Freitas-Pratt and Doug Knight
Languages: English
Subjects: Clyde Tamaru, Lt. Governor Mazie Hirono,  “Project Kāhea Loko, the Call of the Pond – A Teacher’s Guide to Hawaiian Fishponds”, culture-based education, Castle Redesign ProcessAloha ‘Āina Curriculum, Kahua Teacher Training – Kamehameha Schools, Elly Tepper, Cheryl Kaʻuhane Lupenui, Nā Hopena A‘o, experiential learning, Office of Hawaiian Education of HIDOE, global navigators, Nainoa
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