Waikalua Loko I’a

Stewardship Training Opportunities

January – June 2023
2 hour time slots

“E Ohana Hou”

Unleash the power and grace of Aloha

Aloha! Over 27 years have passed since we began the restoration/education process.

Come and join us in being part of the next generation of activities to help our community thrive. Between January and June 2023, we will have 5 training sessions (2 hour each) which you are welcome to attend as many as you can.

Come, learn, share and help us extend these learning experiences with both our local and malihini community.
If you are interested send an email to herblee@thepaf.org or text to 808 927-5646. More detailed information will be forthcoming.
Sponsored in partnership with the Historic Hawaii Foundation.