Coming 8/17

What To Bring
Remember Safety First!

Field Work:
Please bring the following items for fieldwork days; it is usually preferable to have these items in a backpack to keep hands free for safety and working.

• Be prepared to get wet and dirty
• Depending on the weather conditions, a change of clothes may be advisable
• Shoes that will protect your feet, provide support, and able to get wet
• A bag lunch, if the expedition is all day
• Water bottle, with water
• Hat and sunglasses
• A sun shirt
• Sunscreen
• 2 Pencils
• Journal
• Towel

Lab Work:
Please come to lab prepared to work with chemicals, microbes, as well as glassware and other lab equipment. You can do so by coming to the lab with the following items:

• Closed toe shoes (a must, if you do not have these, you will not be able to participate)
• Form fitting clothes (not loose and floppy clothes that may knock over lab items)
• Long hair tied back
• Long pants
• 2 pencils
• Journal

We will provide:
• Safety glasses (must be on when working with chemicals)
• Lab coat or smock when needed
• Gloves when needed

Download and Print “What to Bring”