A `Ohe pau ka `ike I ka halau ho`okahi”

Not all knowledge is learned in one school.

From the old stone walls of the Waikalua Loko fishpond to the verdant walls of the magnificent pali, the Kāne’ohe ahupua’a holds clues to a rich cultural and natural heritage. As educators in this awe-inspiring place, we have opportunities to help students discover and embrace that heritage and carry forward the practices that will help us to live more in harmony with the land and sea today.

Future generations should know and understand our collective past and their own personal histories…

…so we must not allow significant cultural and historical places to disappear.

Preservation means embracing the challenges associated with protecting these places with passion, commitment, and dedication.

It means providing leadership, education, advocacy, and resources to empower communities to ensure their legacies endure.

We must remember that the power of preservation…resides in the people.

Trinia Evensen, Kaneohe Volunteer

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