The Pacific American Foundation
A 501(c)3 Public Charity
Tax Id: #54-1696134
Herb Lee, Jr., Executive Director
Main Phone: (808) 664-3027
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Founded in 1993 with the mission to promote systemic change in the educational system that preserves and perpetuates traditional ways of knowing through culture-based education which enhance the rigor, relevance, and relationships for students and life-long learners.

We teach through the eyes, heart, and soul of our Kupuna.
We are passionate about education and culture.
We are honored to train teachers.

We empower children to be resilient and responsible.
We recruit and train emerging leaders.
We cultivate servant leaders.

We inspire good stewardship by doing.
We are humbled to serve.
We thrive on the opportunities to partner.

We live aloha.
We are the Pacific American Foundation.

A Native Hawai’ian Organization, recognized by Hawai’i Governors since inception.

  –§9212 of the Native Hawaiian Education Act (20 U.S. 7912)

Latest News and Events

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