Take a Peak! Short Videos
The First Students at the Pond’s Outdoor Classroom:  Sheila Cyboron’s Story of Transformation
Restoring the Kū Stone:  Fred Takebayshi’s Story of Finding and Restoring the Stones
The Great Equalizer:  Colette Higgins’ Story of the Impact of Working in the Pond as a Great Equalizer
The First Meeting:  Floyd McCoy’s Story of the First Meeting To Organize the Preservation Society

Mahalo to those interviewed for their oral histories.

Lea Albert
Sheila Cyboron
Dr. Hallett Hammatt
Kawaikapuokalani Hewett
Colette Higgins
Dr. Hiroshi Kato
Dr. Dave Krupp
Herb Lee, Jr.
Louise Kaohua Lucas
Dr. Floyd McCoy
Willis Motooka
Fred Takebayashi

This Oral History Archive is dedicated with aloha to the memory of Maura O’Connor. Maura was PAF’s senior curriculum author and teacher trainer whose passion, aloha and intellect inspired us to understand the importance of culture and place to boost student success.

“E ohana hou”

Pacific American Foundation Project Team

Herb Lee, Jr., President/CEO, Convenor, Moderator of Interview panels, and Narrator
Doug Knight, Project Director
Ardis Escherberg, Chancellor, Windward Community College, Supporter of WCC participation
Sarah Gilman Sur, Head Librarian, Windward Community College
Elizabeth Seaton, Librarian, Windward Community College, Metadata Design
Cindy Texeira, Hawaii Collection Librarian, Windward Community College
David Fry, Electronic Tech, Media Specialist, Augusta ADA transcription support
Kauilaokahekiliokalani Freitas-Pratt, Student Assistant – Transcriber
Shayla (Shel) Sunada, Student Assistant – Transcriber
Louise Kaohua Lucas – Photographer

Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i

Aulii Mitchell, Cultural Advisor, Interviewer
Kellen Tanaka, Interviewer
Chantellee Spencer, Interviewer

Olelo Community Media produced 6 “Talk Story” Episodes for this Archive

Episode 1 Windward Community College  |    Episode 2 Willis Motooka and Colette Higgins    |    Episode 3  Ka‘ohua Lucas and Herb Lee   |  Episode 4 Kawaikapuokalani Hewett (‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i and English languages)    |   Episode 5 History of the Fishpond    |   Episode 6  The Pond is the Redesigned Classroom with Sheila Cyboron and Lea Albert

‘Ōlelo Community Media video production team:

Angela Angel, ‘Ōlelo Chief Production Officer
Kekoa Graham, ‘Ōlelo Production Services Manager
Scott Nordquist, Assistant Director
Thomas Collins, Camera Operator
Justin Kuwamura, Camera Operator
Corinne Makahilahila, Camera Operator
Filipo Tuisano, Camera Operator
Chase Yamauchi, Camera Operator
Alex Miyamoto, Audio
Deron Kamisato, ‘Ōlelo Editor
Jo-Lynn Domingo, Production Coordinator
Roger McKeague, Executive Director

Audio Interviews

Colette Higgins    |    Hiroshi Kato     |     Floyd McCoy     |     Fred Takebayashi, Willis Motooka, and Ka‘ohua Lucas    |    Willis Motooka

Video Interviews:
: Herb Lee Jr. Hiroshi Kato, Floyd McCoy, Dave Krupp, and Hallett Hammatt    |     Docents part 1​:​ Herb Lee, Willis Motooka and Colette Higgins     |     Docents part 2: Herb Lee, Fred Takebayshi, Willis Motooka, and Kaohua Lucas    |     Curriculum Writer, Alaka‘i:​  Herb Lee and Ka‘ohua Lucas    |     Growing up at the Pond​: Herb Lee and Kawaikapuokalani Hewett (coming soon!)    |     Teacher and Superintendent: Herb Lee with Sheila Cyboron and Lea Albert